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After nearly seven years on the air, I have decided to place the Guy Benson Show on indefinite hiatus.  Between my duties as Political Editor of, my work as a Fox News contributor and my robust travel schedule, I've determined that I'll be unable to produce a weekly radio product that meets my -- and your -- expectations and standards over the coming months.  I'm therefore stepping away from the program until such time as my schedule will once again permit me to devote the requisite time to offer excellent weekly programming.  My deepest thanks go out to all of you you've listened over the years on AM 1260 in DC, and especially on my flagship in Chicago, AM 560.  I hope you'll continue to follow my work online and on air -- and that we'll manage to resurrect the Guy Benson Show at a later date.  Feel free to email us with any questions or comments at

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End of Discussion

Guy has teamed up with Mary Katharine Ham to write, End of Discussion: How the Left's Outrage Industry Shuts Down Debate, Manipulates Voters, and Makes America Less Free (and Fun!)  -- ON SALE JUNE 9 at bookstores everywhere & at!

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Guy on Jon Gruber and Obamacare:


From Hot Air

No, Obamacare is not 'working well'

By Guy Benson 

From the moment liberal blogger Ezra Klein launched Vox as an “explanatory journalism” project, it has exemplified the prevailing conceits of the modern American Left. Sometimes useful, frequently ideological, and more than occasionally embarrassing, the work ofVox’s self-stylized wonks is required reading among those news consumers whose unshakable faith in their own intellectual superiority is a boundless source of smug satisfaction.  Klein’s latest dispatch serves up a delicious premise to these eager members of the so-called “reality-based community:” President Obama’s health care law has been a big success in the real world (Vox has offered countless variations on this same argument), yet it remains unpopular in many quarters because too many Americans have been fed misinformation by unscrupulous conservative media sources.  These sources, it goes without saying, are run by vulgar partisans — Hot Air gets a shout-out in the piece — whose fealty to the facts is far less fervent than the selfless servants of truth who populate Vox’s editorial team.  Klein’s conclusion:

On the whole, though, costs are lower than expected, enrollment is higher than expected, the number of insurers participating in the exchanges is increasing, and more states are joining the Medicaid expansion. Millions of people have insurance who didn’t have it before. The law is working. But a lot of the people who are convinced Obamacare is a disaster will never know that, because the voices they trust will never tell them.

“The law is working,” and the American people might understand that better if they weren’t subjected to the right-wing media’s ruthless conspiracy to deny them the truth.  (Strangely, this powerful, narrative-dominating cabal was incapable of defeating a weak incumbent president two years ago).  As one of the alleged merchants of deceit, I’m more than willing to stipulate that (a) certain critics’ doomsday predictions haven’t panned out (see, for instance, Klein’s example of insurer participation in some exchanges), and (b) that the law has, in fact, helped some people.  A recent Kaiser Foundation poll found that 14 percent of Americans say the ‘Affordable’ Care Act has impacted their family for the better.  The trouble is that twice that number said they’ve been directly harmed by the law, which was marketed as a win-win for all consumers.  Numerous national surveys have consistently tracked the same two-to-one, hurt-to-helped ratio.  People’s actual experiences are not a product of propaganda-driven confusion.  Setting aside Klein’s faulty presupposition that the expansion of Medicaid is an unalloyed good, his first two points fail rudimentary scrutiny.  Beyond the cloistered world of the goalpost-shifting wonkosphere, costs are most assuredly not “lower than expected,” nor is enrollment “higher than expected.”  Allow me to try my hand at explanatory journalism... 

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Guy on CNBC

Gun control, debt ceiling, and Obama's second term...

Guy's Speech at Right Online 2012, Las Vegas

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From Breitbart's "Big Government"

Breitbart & Shirley Sherrod: 5 Thoughts
July 21, 2010

As the mainstream media trips over itself to analyze and re-analyze the Shirley Sherrod controversy, Andrew Breitbart is under fire for ostensibly unethical behavior. Andrew is more than capable of defending himself, but I wanted to offer a few quick thoughts on this imbroglio:

(1) This President often decries the 24-hour, hyper-reactionary media cycle, yet his administration responded with warp-speed to toss Sherrod overboard. Can it now safely be asserted that the Obama administration acted stupidly?

(2) The administrations thoughtless abandonment of Sherrod indicates a hair-trigger climate of paranoia about all issues racial within the West Wing. It seems J. Christian Adams whistle-blowing has taken its toll, and Team Obama is nervous about the degree of scrutiny its racially-tinged political machinations have received. On the heels of the New Black Panther kerfuffle, another major race flap just wouldnt dothus, a low-level African American female was deemed expendable, and was unceremoniously dumped. The White House now claims they didnt press for Sherrods dismissal, yet is apologizing to her. Hmm.

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From NRO's Media Blog

Chris Christie's "Common Sense Porn" Highlight Reel
June 16, 2010

When cameras capture New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie at his unapologetic truth-telling finest, Glenn Beck calls the resulting video common sense porn.  Beck must be experiencing frequent leg thrills, because Christies been churning out material at a breakneck clip since entering office just half a year ago.  Grab someer, popcorn, and enjoy.

Man up Calling out incumbent Gov. Jon Corzine for his nasty campaign ad taking less than subtle shots at Christies weight.

Crisis His opening salvo, declaring a Garden State fiscal emergency:

You should really see me when Im pissed  Decimating a newspaper columnist worried about Christies combative approach to governance.

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From Breitbart's 'Big Hollywood'

Law & Order Deserved a Proper Series Finale
By Guy Benson

Law & Order devotees have subconsciously felt this moment coming for some time, but now that the axe has finally fallen, many of us are grappling with television-induced heartache.

NBC confirmed Friday that it had canceled the original Law & Order, bringing an end to a 20-year-old television drama that jump-started an era of television production in New York City.

Law & Order was on the verge of becoming the longest-running drama in prime-time television history, surpassing Gunsmoke. But it appears that the Law & Order executive producer, Dick Wolf, has settled for a tie. The final episode of the series will be shown on May 24, NBC confirmed in a news release Friday.

As I ponder the unwelcome reality that one of my favorite shows is, well, done-done,  Im struggling to get past the unsatisfying fact that one of televisions longest running programs was unceremoniously droppedwith neither fanfare nor closure.   As the process shook out, the final episode ended up being shot before NBC decided to pull the plug.  The end result: What was initially written and produced as a season finale (which was excellent, especially S. Epatha Merkersons moving performance and Sam Watersons epic rant) became the de facto series finale.  Law & Orders cast, crew, and fans deserve better.

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The comprehensive argument against Barack Obama

From - By Guy Benson and Mary Katharine Ham
With editor and contributor Ed Morrissey

October 21, 2008

Allow us to put our cards on the table at the outset: We are two young conservative journalistsboth in our 20s. Unlike many of our peers, we are not swept up in Obamamania and would prefer John McCain to win the election. Weve teamed up with seasoned blogger extraordinaire, Ed Morrissey, whose careful and thoughtful pursuit of the trutheven when it benefits his political opponentsis respected across the blogosphere. In that spirit, we are not at all interested in perpetuating lies, rumors, and innuendo about Barack Obama. Promoting such information does America a disservice, allows Obamas supporters to justifiably cry smear, and damages our own credibility.

What follows is by no means comprehensive, but it does shed some much-needed light on a number of Obamas positions, statements, and associations about which he has been less than honest. Weve attempted to boil each issue down to a succinct explanation with an accompanying, brief video clipoften starring Barack Obama in his own words. Before pulling the lever for someone who hopes voters will ignore his paper-thin resume, unsavory associations, and hard-left voting record, each citizen has a duty to do his due diligence.

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